To Mark 99th Anniversary of Boris N.Malinovsky | History of Computing in Ukraine

To Mark 99th Anniversary of Boris N.Malinovsky

About Boris Malinovsky

On 24 of August 2020 Boris N. Malinovsky might be 99 years old. Since nine months he - a wise, sincere and tactful person, is no more with us.

The developer of Dnepr computer, the first native semiconductor controlling computer. The corresponding member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of technical Science, Professor.

He initiated and worked on implementation of scientific experiment automatization in a number of scientific institutes of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, on computerization of the Ministry of instrument-making and on realization of many other scientific projects.


Boris N. Malinovsky was a participant of the Second World War in 1941-1945. He began the war as a sergeant and ended it as a Guards senior lieutenant. Was twice wounded. But his dream was to be a scholar. After the demobilization in 1945 Malinovsky entered the Ivanovo Energy High school which he graduated with honors.

After graduating the high school Boris Malinovsky took a post-graduate course at the Institute for Electrical Engineering of the Academy of Science of UkrSSR. In 1953 he defended his master's dissertation. In 1964 – defended his Doctor's dissertation. Since 1962 till 1981 he managed the division of cybernetics and was the head of controlling machines department at the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Science of Ukraine. Since 1981 Boris Malinovsky worked as an advisor to the Institute director.

He did all he could to develop information technologies in Ukraine. He liked very much young scientists and students, he associated much with them to benefit of both.

Boris Malinovsky had kept (“To remember it by future generations”) an objective  history of creating the first native computers. In his unique books and interviews with tens of his colleagues-pioneers of computer science and technology he described events in which he personally took part. He was very careful in using data in his publications.

Boris Malinovsky was an initiator to develop this website, the first site on this subject matter in post-Soviet Internet space available in three languages.

Cordially and sadly we remember this outstanding person, who loved people, was able to captivate them with his  ideas, lived an interesting life, had a lucidity of mind and creativity till his last day.

We, who was happy to work together with Boris N. Malinovsky will never forget him and will always keep him in our heart.